Jonathan J. Borrelli

Jonathan J. Borrelli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Darrin Fresh Water Institute


I apply network theory and tools to answer ecological questions about community structure and dynamics. Network tools can help to define and understand how interactions between species in a community are patterned. Using the structure of the interaction network as the backbone of a dynamical model allows me to simulate the changes in population size over time. One of my primary interests is in studying how different trophic configurations in food webs relate to stability at the community and population level.

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The ecology may be theoretical, but the fun is real

  • Theoretical Ecology
  • Networks
  • Community Dynamics
  • Data Science
  • PhD in Ecology and Evolution, 2016

    Stony Brook University

  • BSc in Biology, 2010

    Juniata College

At RPI I am working with the Jefferson Project at Lake George to develop and analyze models of the lake food web. We are collaborating with IBM Research to integrate these food web models with detailed hydrological models of Lake George to build an understanding of how changes in the lake’s ecosystem will cascade through the ecological community.


Data Visualization


Jefferson Project
Understanding the impact of human activity on fresh water, and how to mitigate those effects.
Lake George Food Web
Modelling the food web of Lake George.
Selection on Stability
Identifying the potential for systemic selection against unstable structures.
An R package to simulate trophic networks and their dynamics.
A virtual reality experience to explore a lake food web in 3D.

Dashing Gecko

A place where I explore various ecological data and models using R.

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Dashing Gecko

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